Rameses Welcomes Twin Sons

UNC’s mascot Rameses is now the proud father of two lambs, Ollie and Marvin.

“This has been a big week for the rams — and it’s not just because the Tar Heels are in the Final Four,” said Chris Hogan, one of Rameses’ handlers. “They had a new lambing. Stella had two baby rams that are both healthy.”

Stella is Rameses’ wife and the two have eight children together.

The Hogan family has been caretakers of the rams that have served as UNC’s mascot since 1924.

“It’s a gift that we share with UNC because we think that it’s something very special, a special tradition and a special mascot,” Hogan said. “We’ve really been happy to be a part of it.”

Rameses is a Horned Dorset and is the 22nd in the line of Tar Heel mascots.

Rameses XXII in the Hogan Family's field. Twin Horned Dorset lambs were born to Rameses XXII and Stella on March 22 at around 3 p.m..They are the couple’s eighth children. Photo via UNC.

Rameses XXII in the Hogan Family’s field. Twin Horned Dorset lambs were born to Rameses XXII and Stella on March 22 at around 3 p.m..They are the couple’s eighth children. Photo via UNC.


Rameses Goes Country

Today is Thursday, November 5, 2015.  UNC Mascot Rameses made an appearance on the CMAs.  We also learn about “the Real 10.”  While you are here, watch an otter juggle in slow-motion.

Rameses Goes Country

The Country Music Association held their annual awards show last night.  The CMA’s were hosted by Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood.  Underdog Chris Stapleton shocked the world by winning 3 awards and his performance with Justin Timberlake blew the crowd away.

Paisley’s performance featured a familiar face to Tar Heels.

Rameses was featured with various other college mascots during the performance of “Country Nation.”

The Real 10

The American Association of University Women is running a campaign called “The Real 10.”  Women can post a photo of what it would look like if their photo was on the 10 dollar bill.

The campaign comes as the United States Department of the Treasury plans to put a woman on the bill.

The AAUW campaign comes with a catch.  Instead of $10, the bill reflects income inequality based on gender and race.

According to their research, white women are paid 79 cents for every dollar white men are paid.  Hispanic woman 54% of what white men make.  African American woemn are paid 63% of what white men are paid and Asian American women make 90& of what white men make.


Slow-Motion Otter Juggling

We end on a high note with an otter.  This otter is juggling?  The video is in slow motion.



UNC Transplant Wing $30,000 Closer To New Name

CHAPEL HILL  – The transplant wing at UNC Hospitals is $30,000 closer to being named after the man who formerly cheered on North Carolina as Rameses.

“That’s just more than we had; that’s the way to look at it,” says Charlotte Ray, the mother of Jason. “Each step that we take—no matter what it is, what anybody does for us—that’s just getting us closer and closer to it.”

Jason died in 2007 after being hit by a car. He was in New Jersey with the UNC men’s basketball team for the NCAA Sweet Sixteen.

His organs help save four lives and positively affected so many more. Because of his meaningful story, UNC Hospitals contacted the Jason Ray Foundation with the idea of naming the transplant center after him.

Sunday was the Second Annual Jason Ray Brunch and Silent Auction in which that idea took a few steps closer to reality.

“There was right close to—with the cheerleaders and everybody—I would say approximately 170 people that attended,” Charlotte says. “It was wonderful. We made a little over $30,000.”

Jason’s parents were left with the terrible burden of having their son taken from them without warning, but Charlotte says moments like Sunday when people come together to pay tribute makes it a little bit easier.

“Everybody’s been just so generous and supportive that it’s just therapy to think what a legacy this is for him,” Charlotte says.

Donations can always be made to the Jason Ray Foundation by clicking here. There’s one more event this year at which people can contribute: the Fifth Annual Jason Ray Golf and Silent Auction August 25 and 26 in Davidson, North Carolina.