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Phil Ford



Bright Futures

You hate to end the season the way it did for our team, but when you think about it, only one team is happy when the season is over. Everyone knows we were caught short in some areas with the guys leaving early last year, and...

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State "Awfully Tough"

Ford playing defense as a freshman against N.C. State in 1975 They said I wasn’t a very good defensive player my freshman year, although I thought I was trying very hard. Maybe Coach Smith didn’t agree, because we...

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"We Always Have A Chance"

Playing at Miami Saturday is the toughest game we’ve had and may be the toughest game of the entire season. They’re awfully good, very big and talented and, man, can they get out and run. And they’re so...

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'We're Getting On The Same Page!'

I was so impressed and inspired by the first half of our game against Maryland. It showed what kind of a team we can be. We finally got Reggie and James Michael on the same page. Imagine what we can do if P.J. and Marcus get on...

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Carolina 'Building Confidence'

Vince and the 1997 Tar Heels started 0-3 in the ACC before making the Final Four. No, I wasn’t surprised what happened at Florida State. I’ve played, coached and watched so much Carolina Basketball over the years — I’m never...

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Kupchak's Living Legacy

Of all the quality kids who have come through the Carolina Basketball program over the last half century, none was any more real than Mitch Kupchak, the Tar Heels’ star center and ACC Player of the Year in 1976.   Kupchak faked...

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'Wow!' And 'Why?'

My first two reactions to what is being called a home run hire of Hubert Davis joining the Carolina Basketball staff were “Wow!” and “Why?” Huuuuubert is a near-legendary figure in Tar Heel history since the nephew of former UNC...

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