Taking My Medicine

TAKING MY MEDICINE is a humbling experience!! Last night I had the opportunity to be in the midst of all the wonderful BLOGGERS on last evening at R&R Grill at a reception hosted by Chapelboro and the...

God Save us from the Biblical Marriage Ideal

Gay marriage a deviation from the biblical ideal? Really? Read the Bible. The biblical ideal of marriage is one man, lots of wives, concubines, bride prices and arranged marriages. Is this what we are defending? If our...


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'Chicken Skin' Condition

Despite a concerted effort to maintain good dermatological habits, many patients continue to complain of “chicken skin,” medically known as keratosis pilaris. Characterized by rough patches of raised bumps that vary in severity,...

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Dealing with Sarcastic People

“Sure, you are qualified for that promotion…about as qualified as my pet rabbit. Congratulations.” “Oh, I just love your new dress. How many cotton fields had to be picked to get enough material?” Such statements may sound as if...

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Hard to find dirt on this politician

Every politician is the object of critical, unfriendly, and just plain bad comments. That is the rule. But retired journalist and biographer Ned Cline may have found an exception. He had to look long and hard to find any dirt on...

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