New York City

Top 10 Chic Pieces To Wear Right Now

This may be Fashion Week in New York City, but that means Fall 2013 Collections are on the runways.  And local boutique retailers have recently returned from market but many with their spring and summer fashion finds.  Since...

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Leave 'Em Laughing, Lewis

He shuffles down Franklin Street toward lunch with a friend, unnoticed by passers-by because he is not pontificating, gesticulating or shaking his head in the funny fashion that defines Lewis Black. One of America’s best known...

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Prime Minister Bowles?

We are following in the footsteps of Greece and Italy. Just like them, we have lost control of our nation’s budget, and along with them, our economy is tanking. Just like them, we have a bunch of people who are hooked on...

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Shaken and Stirred…

This wacky weather week has my wheels spinning with potential themed party ideas.  And apparently I’m not alone. Minutes after this week’s eastern earthquake, big city bars and restaurants started offering earthquake drink...

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Fashion Rules Are Meant To Be Broken…

When Molly Buckley interviewed me on WCHL this week she asked a familiar burning fashion question. “Once and for all, when can I start wearing white?” Good question Molly. Do I give the Emily Post “by the fashion rule book”...

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