AAA Expects Crowded North Carolina Roadways for Labor Day

An expected 1.032 million North Carolina residents will be traveling more than 50 miles over this Labor Day weekend, according to AAA Carolinas. With everyone trying to celebrate their last vacation before the winter, it’s important to remember the safety precautions when driving in traffic.

AAA Carolinas’ Tiffany Wright said they are expecting 900,000 of those travelers to be on the roadways.

“We always want to remind everybody to obey traffic safety laws but there are a few tips, we know there are a ton of them I could give you, but just a few that you should keep in mind when you’re hitting the road,” Wright said. “Obviously before you even leave you want to make sure that you check your vehicle, we are talking about your tires and making sure those windshield wipers are in proper order. Getting enough sleep, I don’t think we talk about that enough, but motorists need at least five hours of sleep before you are going to head out on a road-trip.”

Other safety tips include removing all distractions from your driving whether it is a cell phone or talking with your other passengers in your car; make sure you are paying attention to the road ways.

“We are seeing so many of these rear-end collisions that could be prevented and over half of them have to do with distracted driving. So we need to avoid as many distractions as possible. So many of these fender benders can turn into fatalities on our roadways and we want to see those numbers go down,” Wright said.

Those on the roadways across North Carolina will pay an average of $2.10 per gallon for gas.

The holiday weekend is declared as Thursday, September 1 to Monday, September 5 but Wright said many residents are expected to extend their travels up to a week this Labor Day.

Gas Prices Down, Labor Day Travel Up

CHARLOTTE – You can expect more people on the roads this weekend compared to previous Labor Day weekends.

“A big factor is gas prices, which are the lowest—this year going into Labor Day—than they’ve been since 2010,” AAA Carolinas Communication’s Director, Angela Vogel Daley, says. “We are seeing about an eight-percent decrease from where they were last year.”

She says with the combination of the national unemployment rate down nearly one full point compared to last year and a point-and-a-half from two years ago, the stock market on the rise, and gas prices down, Daley says all those factors provide higher likelihood of travel for the last vacation of the summer.

“Domestically, supplies are good,” Daley says. “Another factor this time of year is hurricanes, and we haven’t seen any major hurricanes comes through the Gulf so far. Obviously September is peak time for that, so that’s something we’ll be monitoring.”

And, Daley says this is a continuing trend of the nation slowly returning from The Great Recession.

“I think we’ve seen a slow and steady increase over the past several years,” Daley says. “There’s always other factors involved; obviously gas prices play a role, but this summer we’ve seen lower gas prices than we did most of last summer. So, we are seeing just a slight increase year over year.”

She says this year’s tropical activity, or lack thereof, has also contributed to favorable gas prices.

“Last year we were dealing with Hurricane Isaac, so that affected the weather, and it did cause a spike in gas prices last year,” Daley says.

Daley says the current conflict in Syria could contribute to added gas price increases. The United State and its allies are deciding whether or not to get involved after allegations of chemical weapons being used against civilians.­­­

CH Parks and Rec Sign Up; Ransom Street Sidewalks; Labor Day

CHAPEL HILL – Your Chapel HillParks and Recreation department’s fall programs sign-ups for residents begins September 3 at 8:30 a.m.  For non-residents the sign-up date is September 16.

To register for the fall programs you can either go online with WebTrac by visiting the town of Chapel Hill’s website or in person at the following four locations: Parks and Recreation Administrative Office, Chapel HillCommunity center, HargravesCommunity center, and the Homestead aquatic center.

You can find a link to the sign-up page by clikcing here.


Sidewalk improvements on Ransom Street are scheduled to begin on August 28 weather permitting.  This project will take approximately ten business days to complete.


On September 2 most of the municipal offices will be closed in observance of Labor Day.  There will be no residential or commercial refuse collection; the Monday route will be picked up on Wednesday.

Many offices will be closed including: Chapel Hill community center, Parks and Recreation office, and the Offices of Maintenance Division.

The Public Library will be open from 1p.m to 5p.m

The Landfill and solid waste convenience centers will be closed.

And Chapel Hill transit will not operate.

For more information on town holidays click here.