Seminar Aims To Help Businesses In Flood Recovery Efforts

CHAPEL HILL – Though the waters of the June 30 flash flood have long since receded, many area businesses are still recovering.  A free workshop is being held this week to make this process less complicated and to better prepare our community for future emergencies.

The Disaster Preparedness Seminar is happening Thursday morning at the Carolina Club, a hosting partner, along with the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of Commerce and the local chapter of SCORE, a national non-profit organization which aids small businesses.

Andrew Beamon is a project manager for SCORE and helped lead Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts after the super storm tore through the East Coast.

“We definitely want to provide these experts to the community and to provide educational assistance to get people better prepared for these types of interruptions,” Beamon said.

Beamon explained Thursday’s workshop will be given by Bob Boyd, CEO of Agility Recovery, based in Charlotte, NC.

Agility Recovery works to prepare clients for many types of disasters before they happen.  They also provide immediate assistance to clients when a disaster actually occurs.

“What SCORE and Agility have done for other communities across the North East has centered around 10 steps in preparedness,” Beamon said. “That is as simple as accessing risk in your community, or reviewing your insurance plan and making sure that everything is up-to-date.”

The June rainstorm dumped more than five inches of rain in just a few hours, affecting shopping centers like University Mall and The Shops at Eastgate.

“We have been close to a lot of businesses that have been affected by Hurricane Sandy, and we want to pass this knowledge on to Chapel Hill and Carrboro as well,” Beamon said.

SCORE mentors will also offer individualized counseling on topics, including how to find appropriate financing options and how to create successful marketing initiatives once businesses get back on their feet.

“For recovery, we were able to get people connected with the right resources to get loans and grants to get their business back up and running,” Beamon said. “This is all free, the workshops we provide and the one-on-one counseling is all free.”

Registration is required to attend the Disaster Preparedness Seminar. To sign up, click here.

On Making a Difference – Today, Tomorrow & Beyond

My heart goes out to everyone in the path of Hurricane Sandy – for the loss and for the physical, mental and emotional toll of the tedious clean up, recovery and re-building process ahead. 
The outpouring of support  has been inspiring – assistance in the form of  hours, goods, services and dollars – $2 million from The Walt Disney Company, $1.5 million from Walmart, and $1 million each from Lowes, Time Warner, Toyota, Viacom, and Wells Fargo.
Those of us without such resources may wonder if our help would make a difference. 
Some may wonder the same about their vote.
That’s why I broke my no-re-run-within-a-year rule and declared this as the Leadership Quote of the Week.

Anyone who feels too small to make a difference has never spend the night in a tent with a mosquito.
While we sometimes feel too small to make a difference,  each of us makes a difference every single day.
One that, instead of blood, may very well suck the morale and productivity out of those around us. 
Or one that can make a positive difference.
Whether it’s a $10 contribution, a pint of blood, an hour of volunteer time or note of encouragement,
it will make a difference.
As will each and every vote.
I invite you to post this week’s quote and/or share it at a staff meeting to remind people of the power they have to make a difference today, tomorrow and beyond.
If you or they need ideas, here are a few.
Today: Join in with ABC’s Day of Giving.
Tomorrow:  VOTE
Today, Tomorrow & Beyond:
  • See list How to Help ( through donations and volunteering) at bottom of this page.
  • If you live or are working in an affected area, I hope that one or more of the quotes in this special collection will provide reassurance, direction and strength to you and those in your lead.  Here is a link to:  Quotes for Tough Times.  Feel free to share with others.
  • And no matter who wins the election…wouldn’t it be nice to go out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing?

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing & rightdoing there is a field. I'll meet you there.

Out in that field, it seems like we would more likely find ways to work together in our businesses.  In our neighborhoods.  In our cities and towns.In our states.  With other countries.

Let’s meet there.  Each time we do, we will make a difference to someone, somewhere, somehow.

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How to Help

See list below. 
If you know of any local or state events or organizations raising money to directly benefit hurrican victims in North Carolina, please let me know.
One way to stay up to date is with Twitter hashtags #sandyvolunteer and #sandyaid.

Cash Donations:

Food & supplies

Volunteer – Get info/sign up online at: