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Fred Black

Just the Facts

Do you remember the TV series Dragnet that featured Jack Webb as Sgt. Joe Friday?  Many people associate the Los Angeles cop with his famous opening line, “My name is Friday, — I carry a badge.”  Others may associate him...

Is There a Disconnect Here?

I wasn’t at Town Hall on Monday, February 20th but I watched the proceedings from the comfort of home.  Too bad what I heard didn’t make me very comfortable.  I appreciated the emotional and heartfelt comments from those who...

Honoring Those Who Served and Sacrificed

At 11 minutes after 11am on the 11the day of the 11th month of this year, 2011, I was sitting at the UNC Veterans Memorial adjacent to Memorial Hall. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ROTC programs joined together...

What Will You Elect To Do This Election?

Next Tuesday, November 8th is Election Day 2011. We have municipal offices on the ballot, the School Board, and a referendum to raise the sales and use tax by a quarter cent. Clearly, these are important decisions before us and...


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Rolling With the Meals (ON Wheels)!

Back in April, I did a special edition of  Who’s Talking with Stacey Yusko, the Director of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Meals on Wheels program. Imagine my surprise when earlier this month she invited me to participate in...

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If You Tell Them, They Will Come!

Town leaders and the planning team for “Chapel Hill 2020” went to amazing lengths to get the word out that all citizens were invited to come to East Chapel Hill High School on Tuesday, September 27th, to participate in the first...

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Building More Than Homes

It was another special Sunday in our community and I witnessed another amazing event. On September 18th more than 200 people gathered on the grass at the Habitat for Humanity of Orange County’s Phoenix Place to enjoy a lunch and...

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Thank You!

On Sunday, September 11, we had an amazing tribute in our town to mourn and remember those who perished because of the attacks and honor those who risked their lives to save others. Citizens of Chapel Hill have every reason to...

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Remembering and Hoping

Significant events in our country generate significant reactions. Look at the attack on Pearl Harbor, dropping the atom bomb, the Kennedy assassination, and the Challenger explosion as examples of significant events that we as a...

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Voter-Owned Elections: I’m Just Not A Fan!

I was really happy to see the two-part report on “Voter-Owned Elections” here on We are now in the second election cycle of the test that the North Carolina General Assembly authorized Chapel Hill to conduct...

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No Boom, No Rose!

One of the wonderful things that the Internet allows you to do is to keep up with the news from home while you are traveling. While we were away, I read in the Chapel Hill News that they gave the Town of Chapel Hill...

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 During the past week or so, I’ve been in two drugstores. Both times someone called out to me with a hearty “Welcome to _______.” It happened again when I stopped in a home improvement store.   It seems the Walmart greeter idea...

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