Erskine Bowles

Shut Up And Teach

A few years ago, Dick Baddour returned from a national faculty meeting where he received widespread praise from other schools for how much the UNC faculty loved the affable Carolina athletic director.   Some of those other...

Opening ever so slightly

It is the kind of surprise for which every ambitious politician must be prepared: the unexpected decision by an incumbent elected official to retire. It is, my friend Jay Rivers told me, the kind of window of opportunity that...

Prime Minister Bowles?

We are following in the footsteps of Greece and Italy. Just like them, we have lost control of our nation’s budget, and along with them, our economy is tanking. Just like them, we have a bunch of people who are hooked on...

Molly Broad on Lessons from Mom

What lessons did you learn from your mother that have helped you in your business or career? As part of our Lessons from Mom series, I’d like to share an excerpt from a Business Class interview with Molly Broad, during...


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