Starnes: Gov McCrory Will Have Trouble Keeping Vetoes

RALEIGH – A top North Carolina House Republican leader says GOP Gov. Pat McCrory appears to have an “uphill battle” to preserve his first two vetoes as governor.

House Majority Leader Edgar Starnes said Monday most of his Republican colleagues he’s heard from don’t plan to change how they voted on the two bills, which passed comfortably last month in the House and Senate.

One vetoed bill would have required drug testing for some welfare benefit applicants. The other would have expanded the exemption for employers required to use the E-Verify identification system for temporary workers.

McCrory must call legislators back to Raleigh for an override session by Sept. 4. He also still has 35 bills on his desk to sign, veto or let become law without his signature by this Sunday.

NC House Votes to Pass Tax Cuts, Other Changes

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) – The North Carolina legislature has started its formal approval for tax changes that Republican lawmakers and Governor Pat McCrory say will energize the state’s economy and give tax relief to residents.

The House voted 77-38 Tuesday for the tax plan after debate was cut off by Republicans after less than 30 minutes. More debate and another House vote are expected Wednesday. The Senate is likely to follow the same schedule beginning Tuesday afternoon.

The bill would reduce corporate and individual income tax rates and expand the sales tax base slightly. House Majority Leader Edgar Starnes says the package will benefit the average citizen and every business in the state.

Democrats like Verla Insko say the bill will lead to higher taxes for low-income citizens.