Colin Pistell

Up and Over!

If you’re going to take your first ever fitness class, the Forest Theater in Chapel Hill is a splendid place to do it. Surrounded with rock walls and steps, pea gravel, and gorgeous gnarled trees, it’s the perfect arena to learn...

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Experience Junkies in Business

It’s true what KIit  FitzSimons said in his article Climb It Control. I have taken a Fifth Ape class.  Yes – right there in the  Forest Theatre, I ran and skipped and jumped up and down and across.  And after at...

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Climb-It Control

NOTE: Click the links. You won’t be sorry. FIRST WEEK: Kit FitzSimons here. When I’m not in the office, busy being the Digital Content Manager for, I try to keep myself occupied. I’m a regular motion-capture actor...

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