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2013 BoC Candidate Profile: Meighan Carmichael

Hillsborough Board of Commissioners candidate, Meighan Carmichael says while development is one of the top priorities on which Hillsborough will be focusing, she says, if elected, she will fight for smart growth.

2013 BoC Candidate Profile: Kathleen Ferguson

Hillsborough Board of Commissioners candidate, Kathleen Ferguson says, if elected, she’ll work on balancing growth while working to improve the lives of those living in poverty. However, she says she’s afraid of what the North Carolina legislature might do to municipal abilities.

2013 BoC Candidate Profile: Jenn Weaver

Hillsborough Board of Commissioners candidate, Jenn Weaver says she’s ready to tackle development issues so that the best interests of the individual and the town are protected.


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