Volunteer This Year At CHCCS

Looking to volunteer your time for a good cause? Try Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools.

That’s the message CHCCS officials are sending out as the new semester gets under way. They’re hosting spring registration throughout January for UNC students who want to volunteer, with a booth set up at the student union from 10:00-3:30 on Thursday the 14th, Wednesday the 20th, Thursday the 21st, and Monday the 25th. CHCCS volunteers and partners coordinator Julie Hennis says the district does a recruitment drive at UNC twice a year – and typically pull in hundreds of volunteers.

Julie Hennis and CHCCS school reading partner specialist Christine Cotton joined Aaron Keck this week on WCHL.


Hennis says there’s a wide variety of volunteer opportunities in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro schools; volunteers give as little as an hour a week of their time, and district officials can tailor the experience to their needs and interests.

The recruitment drive on campus is geared to UNC students, but there are volunteer opportunities for everyone. (The district’s Blue Ribbon Mentor Advocate program is one of the best known, but there are many other ways to volunteer.)

For more information, contact the CHCCS volunteer office: visit this page for contact info, or stop by the office in the PTA Thrift Shop building in Carrboro.


Graig Meyer To Seek District 50 House Seat

CHAPEL HILL – The coordinator of Chapel Hill-Carrboro’s Blue Ribbon Mentor Advocate (BRMA) program and a strong proponent, supporter, and administrator of primary education wants to serve you in the North Carolina House of Representatives.

Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools’ Director of Student Equity and Volunteer Services, Graig Meyer, announced Tuesday evening that he will seek the appointment to District 50’s House seat. That seat was formerly held by Valerie Foushee who was appointed to Senate District 23’s seat, formerly held by Ellie Kinnaird.

Meyer joined Ron Stutts in the WCHL studios Wednesday morning to discuss his decision to seek the seat.

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“I have always seen my personal mission as connecting people to the power and opportunities they need to reach their fullest potential,” Meyer said in a press release. “That will remain my goal as I enter the world of political service.”

Meyer was on the two-member appointment committee in Orange County that will choose who fills the seat in the House; he resigned that position before throwing his hat in the ring.

According to the CHCCS website, the BRMA program has been acknowledged for excellence at local, state and national levels with Meyer at the helm. It now serves more than 200 students per year. Meyer’s work has brought in more than $1 million in grant- and donor-based funding for the BRMA and more than $400,000 for student scholarship funds.

Meyer was appointed to the newly-created director of student equity and volunteer services position last July. In that position he continued his work with the BRMA and the district’s Parent University—a free portal to help parents stay connected with the district.

Meyer joins Laurin Easthom and Tommy McNeill as early contenders for the appointment to the seat.

Tune in to the WCHL Wednesday Morning News with Ron Stutts at 7:00 a.m. to hear Meyer live in-studio to discuss his intention to fill the seat in the House representing District 50.