RDU Sees Cancellations Ahead Of Winter Weather

Story originally posted Wednesday, February 12, 12:11 p.m.

MORRISVILLE – Raleigh-Durham International Airport spokesperson Mindy Hamlin says airlines began preparing for this week’s winter weather well in advance.

“Airlines have posted approximately 30 departure cancellations to destinations across the country,” Hamlin says. “We do expect more cancellations into the evening and tomorrow, so we do recommend that if passengers do have travel plans over the next several days to contact their airline or visit their airline’s website before coming to the airport.”

**Update: Airlines have now cancelled nearly 100 arriving and departing flights for Wednesday and some early-morning flights Thursday.

She says each airline is responsible for its own de-icing equipment and that she doesn’t have the information regarding how many trucks are at RDU. However, she says when it comes to clearing snow off the runways and taxiways, the airport is prepared.

“In addition to the equipment we have on property, we also contract with two companies who provide equipment as well,” Hamlin says. “So we’ll have close to 100 people here on airport property removing snow on our runways and taxiways and dealing with ice as needed.”

In order to check your flight status with your airline, you will need the flight number listed on your boarding pass.


Horace Williams To Remain Open, For Now

CHAPEL HILL – Your local airport isn’t closing, at least not yet.

Horace Williams Airport is not going to close, in spite of the media attention that was given to an item that was inserted as a rider in the budget bill that called for it to close on August 1.

The consensus in the legislature is that the item was placed in the house budget bill as a bargaining chip with Senate Rule Chairman Tom Apodaca, who has a reputation as a strong defender of the UNC airport.

There is currently no scheduled date for the closure of the airport.  UNC plans to close it to make room for Carolina North, which has seen a delayed start because of lack of funding.