Women’s Basketball’s National Freshman of the Year, Diamond DeShields says she hasn’t spoken to any schools about where she’ll play next year yet, and she says she’s committed to completing her courses at UNC.

DeShields announced last Thursday that she would no longer be playing for the Tar Heels. She sent out a statement on Twitter this Thursday explaining her decision for the first time.

She said she had multiple conversations with Head Coach Sylvia Hatchell throughout the year. The last of those conversations, she said, were “detailed and emotional”, but she said they both decided to part on good terms and that she will continue to support Coach Hatchell in her fight against leukemia.

DeSheilds pointed out the fact that many have noticed, which is that she has been very quiet lately on social media. She said she’s taken that time to focus on her studies and complete the courses in which she’s currently enrolled. She said she will not speak to any schools about where she will enroll next year until after this school year has concluded.

UNC Athletics told WCHL this week that a number of schools have asked to speak with DeShields. The compliance office did not want to release the names of the schools to WCHL incase they are considered private student records. WCHL has filed a public records request with the University for those documents.

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