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Marcus Paige Applies for the NBA

Marcus Paige Applies for the NBA

NBA teams will be adding new employees on June 23.  One of those employees could be Marcus Paige.

In an article for the Players’ Tribune, a website founded by Derek Jeter that features posts written by professional athletes, the former UNC guard shared his “application” to the NBA.

In the application, Paige shared the basic information that any fan of the Tar Heels would know.  He’s applying for a position at point guard.  His college is the University of North Carolina.  He would like to play with his UNC teammate Brice Johnson.

Marcus Paige

Marcus Paige. (Photo by Todd Melet)

The application also asks Paige to judge his skill set.  He was given 20 points to allocate to 6 skill categories.  Ten of those points went to shooting and handling.

We also see Marcus’ choices for his three best shots on the floor.  They are the free-throw line, a three-pointer from the top of key, and of course reference to his spectacular double-clutch three-pointer that tied the national championship game.

Read the full application.

Marcus Paige will work out with the Charlotte Hornets on Friday, according to the multiple sources.  Paige is expected to either be selected in the second round of the NBA Draft or sign with a team as a free agent.

Multiple NBA Draft experts project Brice Johnson to be selected in the first round.

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