CHAPEL HILL – The second season under the leadership ofLarry Fedora is underway as the UNC football team kicked off spring practice Wednesday afternoon.

“We wanted to come out here and get everything we possibly could out of the day, and I thought the guys did that,” Coach Fedora says. “I thought they moved around well; the energy was great; our tempo was good throughout the entire practice.”

Coach Fedora started the season with a blank slate last year as far as knowing the team and the team knowing him. He says this year started on a more productive note for one plain and simple reason.

“We know their names,” Coach Fedora says.

The reporters laugh.

“I mean really, you know the guys’ faces; you know their names,” Coach Fedora says. “They know what to expect from us also, and I think that’s big.”

Last season, the Tar Heels finished 8-4, 5-3 and in a three way tie with the best record in the Coastal Division. Due to NCAA sanctions that prohibited Carolina from playing in the post season, the ACC ruled that any team with that kind of blemish would not be eligible for a conference title, regular season or championship game. The Tar Heels are not under a bowl ban this season.

Fedora and his coaching staff brought in their first recruiting class this year as well. He says now is the time to really start establishing what Carolina Football is.

“These first two days before we go on break are to…get everybody back in sync with each other,” Coach Fedora says. “One of the other coaches said it earlier, we don’t get any credit for what we did last year; there’s no credit. So, we’re starting from scratch with the 2013 team. We’ve got to come up with an identity of who this team is.”

North Carolina has 13 more practices which all lead up to the spring game on April 13. The game will kick off at Kenan Stadium at 3:00 p.m. and is free to the public.