You think Swofford and Delany are discussing President Loh?

The words of the Maryland president have gone viral. When Wallace Loh said he would think UNC will receive the death penalty from the NCAA, he triggered harsh reactions on both sides of the issue. After Loh’s statement appeared on ESPN, Carolina felt it had to respond publicly, and Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs Joel Curran penned a strong statement that criticized Loh for judging another school while being so uniformed about the specific matter.

Roy Williams was asked about it on a satellite radio interview, and he called Loh a double idiot for having no knowledge of what he was talking about. Having some knowledge turns you into a just a plain old idiot, Williams clarified. ESPN football analyst Paul Finebaum, a long-time SEC apologist, went so far off the reservation that you have to wonder whether he knows how many fouls gets you into the bonus in basketball. This guy knows less than Loh.

Finebaum said the NCAA will take notice of someone with the stature of Loh making those comments, which is highly, highly doubtful, and added that since the Tar Heels have had Final Four teams the last two years the school started paying lawyers more to keep them eligible. He suggested Roy should retire now before it got worse. Frankly, Paul, it can’t get any worse than you.

I would not be surprised if John Swofford and Big 10 Commissioner Jim Delany have had a conversation about who is already a sore point with the ACC. Loh went to Maryland from a provost’s position at Iowa, looked Swofford in the face and pledged his school’s allegiance to the ACC in 2013 while holding secret meetings about bolting to the Big 10 for more money. Now Loh made more headlines talking nonsense about one of Swofford’s schools.

Kornheiser and Wilbon devoted a segment of PTI to Loh’s assertion and the point-counterpoint commentators both blasted the Maryland prez for speaking out about something that did not concern him. Facebook and Twitter have blown up over Loh, who became an overnight social media punching bag. And deservedly so.