Tom Brady’s super model wife sold him out on national TV.

Betcha things aren’t exactly ducky around the Brady mansion these days after Gisele Bundchen, aka Mrs. Brady, revealed on a national television interview that her Super Bowl stud husband had a concussion last season, and it wasn’t the first for TB12.

“Tom had a concussion last season, he’s had concussions, we just don’t talk about it,” the girl from Ipanema told Charlie Rose this week. The Brazilian beauty went on to say football is too aggressive and seemed to imply that none of her children would ever play the game, despite how famous their father was.

If you don’t think Gisele wears the $1000 pants in that family, consider she makes about $100 million more PER YEAR than does Tom Terrific. And Bundchen supposedly kept him from attending the White House ceremony with the Super Bowl champ Patriots. She is a noted environmentalist with a new book out on global warming, which off course seems to be fake news to President Trump.

So let’s imagine you were a fly on the $500 Cuisinart in the kitchen of the Bundchen-Brady bunch the morning after. Giselle is downstairs making a super latte with avocados and almond milk, and Tom tumbles down the stairs after a workout in his private gym. So Sweetie, he says, what are you trying to do . . . start concussion-gate between me and the commissioner?

Darling, Giselle, says in her brilliant broken English, it is what it is. Remember when you came home after the Seattle game and you couldn’t remember which bay in the garage to park your car in? I knew it right there, that you must have had your bell rung against the Seahawks. And I want you with full faculties after you’re 50 and you have finally given up that stupid game.

Yes, Mrs. TB12, I might have been a little woozy, but don’t forget I make the baby-sitting money in this family and I’ve been on a magazine cover or two in my day. . . even if I can’t remember which ones. By the way, how many covers have you been on?

Oh, about two thousand, Tommy, and now please take out the garbage.