Tom Forcella

CHCCS Board of Education Continues Search for Superintendent with a Public Forum

The search for a new superintendent of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools Board of Education continues tonight at a meeting held at Chapel Hill High School at 7 p.m. This process has been in the works for the past few months following previous Superintendent Tom Forcella’s retirement announcement in May. The board and the community have discussed many requirements they would like the next superintendent to agree with as they move forward with many potential changes in the school district, such as the Equality Draft Plan and racial inequality concerns voiced at the board’s meeting in June. “I want...

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Chapel Hill – Carrboro Schools Superintendent Tom Forcella Retiring

Dr. Tom Forcella is retiring from his position as superintendent of the Chapel Hill – Carrboro City Schools District. The announcement came on Tuesday afternoon. Forcella has worked in school districts across the country for 42 years and has been with CHCCS since 2011. “My five years in Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools have been extremely rewarding,” Forcella said in a release. “I am thankful for the opportunity to work with our amazing students, as well as the staff, parents and agencies that make this community remarkable.” CHCCS Board of Education chair James Barrett also released a statement following the...

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Merging Orange County School Districts Not ‘Worth the Squeeze’

While our community works to find a way to provide housing options to every family that would like to live Orange County, former Chapel Hill Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt brought up an idea during the WCHL Community Forum that has been volleyed about in our community before as a potential solution. Kleinschmidt said that merging the Chapel Hill – Carrboro and Orange County School Districts would alleviate some of the pressure on housing “at least between northern and southern Orange.” Kleinschmidt said he thought that the benefits of merging the school districts would go beyond helping to provide more affordable...

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Superintendent Tom Forcella Addresses Vandalism at East Chapel Hill High School

Superintendent Tom Forcella addressed the vandalism at East Chapel Hill High School that happened on September 26 after the school board meeting Thursday night. “The administration will dialogue with the students,” he said. “I think we also want to get a message across to all the students about the harm that this can cause.” Profanity and homophobic slurs were spray painted on a building and parking lot signs at East Chapel Hill High School on September 26. “It’s just a mean spirited act,” Forcella said. “Fortunately we were able to get it down right after it happened.” The slur was...

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Thousands of NC Teacher Assistants in Limbo

The General Assembly passed a stop-gap spending measure Tuesday. The bill keeps the government funded until mid-August while the chambers grapple over the final budget. But the measure does nothing to ease the concerns of  8,500 teacher assistants whose jobs are now in limbo. North Carolina teacher assistant Melinda Zarate has spent the last several summers on edge. “It’s just very nerve-wracking,” Zarate told reporters. “Imagine not knowing whether you were going to have a job in a couple months. And yeah, that happens in business too. But for teacher assistants, this happens every single year.” The Legislature has...

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