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Hemminger Leads Race for Chapel Hill Mayor

The Chapel Hill political landscape has seen a drastic shift in polling numbers in the lead-up to Election Day. A new Public Policy Polling survey has challenger Pam Hemminger leading the Mayoral race with 43 percent of those surveyed responding they would support the former Chapel Hill – Carrboro City School Board member and County Commissioner. PPP director Tom Jensen spoke with WCHL’s Aaron Keck.   Incumbent Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt received support from 37 percent of respondents. Challenger Gary Kahn came in at two percent. Support from Hemminger has grown by 18 points since the first Public Policy Polling survey on Chapel Hill voters, while Kleinschmidt’s support numbers have remained steady from the first polling in late September. Hemminger has a favorability rate of 51 percent compared to 14 percent of those surveyed who have an unfavorable opinion. More respondents approve rather than disapprove of the job Kleinschmidt is doing as Mayor, but the margin is much closer with 44 percent approving and 36 disapproving. Public Policy Polling says that based on previous municipal election turnout and the six point margin between the top two contenders, a race for Mayor could be decided by an estimated 500 votes. 18 percent of respondents were still undecided on who they would cast a ballot for in the Mayoral race as Election Day approaches. The number of undecided voters is considerably...

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Poll Shows Tight Race Ahead for Chapel Hill Municipal Election

Undecided voters will likely determine the Chapel Hill Town Council and Mayoral leadership this November, according to new polling numbers. With a heated campaign season well underway, Public Policy Polling commissioned a Chapel Hill-specific survey and exclusively shared the results with WCHL-Chapelboro. PPP Director Tom Jensen says, with more than a month to go before Election Day, a lot could change between now and November 3. But as it stands, incumbent Mark Kleinschmidt is leading the Mayoral candidates with 37 percent of respondents favoring a fourth term for Kleinschmidt. Challenger Pam Hemminger checked in with 25 percent of respondents...

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Get to Know Who is Running for Chapel Hill Town Council

Nine candidates will be on the ballot for four spots on the Chapel Hill Town Council this fall. Donna Bell, Lee Storrow, and Jim Ward will be running for re-election. Earlier this year, Matt Czajkowski resigned his seat on the Town Council that was up for election this November to work for a non-profit in Rwanda. WCHL has compiled introductions from each of the Town Council hopefuls. Jessica Anderson:   Donna Bell:   Adam Jones:   Paul Neebe:   Nancy Oates:   Michael Parker:   David Schwartz:   Lee Storrow:   Jim Ward:   WCHL and Chapelboro will have candidate introductions for Chapel Hill – Carrboro City Schools and Hillsborough Town Commissioners later this month. Early voting begins on October 22. Election day is Tuesday, November...

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