Mary Willingham

Not an Athletics-Driven Scandal

For four years now, the controversy over paper classes at UNC has provided journalists with ample material for a dramatic narrative of athletics corruption. Ten investigations have no doubt yielded troubling findings, but the news media and anti-athletics crusaders have chosen to highlight only the findings that create the most sensationalized version of events. The selective reading began when UNC professor Jay Smith and N&O executive editor John Drescher lambasted former Governor Jim Martin after one of the 15 critical findings from his investigation was retracted. Martin had claimed that an Athletics official had informed faculty about the paper...

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Earth to Art Chansky: It Wasn’t About the Women

Editor’s note: Art Chansky’s Sports Notebook on July 14th was about UNC Coach Sylvia Hatchell. Chansky followed with a longer Art’s Angle on the subject of Coach Hatchell on July 15th. The commentary below is from Mary Willingham and Jay Smith of, and was published to their blog on July 16th, but only in response to the July 14th Sports Notebook. On July 20th, Art Chansky shared his answer to their blog post in a Sports Notebook. Mary Willingham’s commentary can be heard on WCHL in an abbreviated version on July 21st. Below is the full version. In a recent...

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UNC Settles Lawsuit From Mary Willingham

The University of North Carolina has reached a settlement in the lawsuit from learning specialist Mary Willingham, who resigned last year after her public statements about academic improprieties at the school resulted in a tense meeting with Chancellor Carol Folt.

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BobLee Says: The Franklin Street Fact Factory

Saturday was a VERY good day for yours truly. The Fighting Fedorians (maybe we need to change that name, huh?) are now five Ws from bowl eligibility. I had a heck of a fun time Under The Bubble – aka “in Chapel Hill.” This Fall, The Good Sports are broadcasting from Ground Zero – Legendary Franklin Street. Those famous “Carolina Girls” were in abundance AND are now eight years younger than our Kid. OUCH! Being at an internationally renown citadel of learning… I “learned” that everybody – but ME – knows exactly what happened in that Aloft hotel room...

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