Landen Gambill

OCR Will Investigate UNC Over Sexual Assault Cases

CHAPEL HILL – The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights has decided to go ahead with an investigation of UNC’s handling of sexual assault cases on campus. That investigation is in response to a complaint filed with the office by four current and former UNC students and one former assistant dean, Melinda Manning. Among other things, the 30-page complaint alleges that sexual assault cases were handled by an untrained panel of staff, students and administrators, who subjected accusers to inappropriate and insensitive questioning. It also charges that Manning was personally discriminated against for having children—and that in...

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Landen Gambill’s Ex-Boyfriend Speaks Out

CHAPEl HILL – Landen Gambill’s ex-boyfriend has spoken out about the accusations he has faced and says UNC “forced (him) out.” Gambill’s ex remained anonymous when he spoke to the Daily Tar Heel in an article that was posted on Monday, but told the University newspaper that the school did not give him a chance to present his case against the accusations before he was forced to leave the school. He says he received a letter from the University saying he was suspended indefinitely. In the Spring of 2012, Gambill accused her ex-boyfriend of sexually assaulting her. He was...

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Attorney For Ex Of Sexual Misconduct Accuser: “People Want Harm Done To Him”

CHAPEL HILL-As one UNC student who says her ex-boyfriend sexually abused her continues to speak out against the university’s handling of sexual assault cases, the attorney for the man she accuses says his client is not only being mischaracterized as a rapist—he’s also facing threats of violence. “Since he returned to Chapel Hill at the beginning of second semester, Ms. Gambill has made statements that specifically called him a rapist,” says John Gresham, attorney for the ex-boyfriend of UNC student Landen Gambill. “And it’s been reported precisely that way.” In 2012, the ex-boyfriend, whose name hasn’t been released, faced...

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Gambill’s Ex Protests Assault Charges, Alleges Harassment

CHAPEL HILL- While dozens of students gathered Friday on campus in support of sophmore Landen Gambill, a lawyer representing her ex-boyfriend sought to refute her accusation of rape. According to the Daily Tar Heel, attorney John Gresham said his client has suffered from Gambill’s efforts to publicize the university’s handling of sexual assaults. The un-named man filed charges with UNC’s Honor Court last week alleging that Gambill has engaged in disruptive and intimidating behavior. Last spring the Honor Court reviewed Gambill’s allegation that she was assaulted by Gresham’s client. The court found him not guilty of sexual harassment, but...

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UNC Student Faces Punishment For Speaking Out Against Sexual Assault Attacker

CHAPEL HILL – According to multiple sources, one of the students who recently charged UNC with mishandling her sexual assault case has been accused of breaking the Honor Code. In the spring of 2012, Landen Gambill, a sophomore at UNC, told the Honor Court she was assaulted repeatedly by her ex-boyfriend. Sexual assault cases have been removed from the Honor Court’s jurisdiction as of the summer of 2012. Last month, she filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights against the University. Gambill and four others claimed that Carolina acted with insensitivity and carelessness...

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