Chris Blue

Chapel Hill Sees Spike in Larcenies

Chapel Hill has seen an increase in reported larcenies this month according to Police Chief Chris Blue. “This is that time of year when people are travelling, students are not here, and we have seen a dramatic spike in larcenies in the month of July,” said Blue. “A significant percentage of those are from cars.” Blue claims that many of these larcenies occurred while the car was unlocked. Nearly $25,000 worth of stolen items has been taken from unlocked cars in the month of July, including three guns. Blue calls the spike in larcenies “concerning.” “One of the most...

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Chapel Hill Expands Duties of Police Chief

Chapel Hill Police Chief Chris Blue will now also serve as the Executive Director for Community Safety for the town. The extension of duties was announced by town manager Roger Stancil earlier this week. “We look forward to the opportunity to think about community safety in a different way, bringing a renewed level of energy and focus to the ongoing Community Safety Partnership,” Stancil said. Blue will now be working with other department heads to understand how the divisions relate to his new role, according to a release. “Our ongoing goal is to refine our organizational structure to focus...

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Chief: Immigration Status Not Important to Chapel Hill Police

North Carolina operates under a law that prohibits any county or municipality from restricting local law enforcement’s ability to cooperate with federal immigration officials. And while that technically prohibits sanctuary cities in the state, most law enforcements choose what to prioritize in their respective towns. Chapel Hill Police Chief Chris Blue said immigration status hasn’t been and won’t be a priority for CHPD. “It’s still not something that’s important to us,” he said. “That’s not consistent with the role of local law enforcement in our view.” But multiple proposals have been filed with varying penalties against local governments and...

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