Pictured: Tiemann on left; photo courtesy Amy Tiemann

CHAPEL HILL – Local author and small business owner, Dr. Amy Tiemann, announced Wednesday that she is seeking appointment to the Senate District 23 seat, formerly held by Ellie Kinnaird.  Tiemann said if she were appointed, she would focus on building a strong,  progressive Democratic base in North Carolina.

Hear the full interview with Tiemann below:

“The regressive and extreme policies are making people take a look at North Carolina and say, ‘Wow. Do I really want to move there if they are going to decimate the public schools? If they are going to put restrictive laws on women’s rights? If they are going to try to suppress the vote?’ That’s going to make businesses look at us in a very unfavorable light, and I think there is a great opportunity to attract businesses in a way that will also benefit the people who will work for them,” Tiemann said.

Along with her husband, the two own Manifold Recording, a recording studio in Pittsboro. The couple and their one daughter have lived in Chapel Hill since 2000, when the family moved to the Tar Heel state from Northern California.

Tiemann received her Ph.D. in Neurosciences from Stanford University in 1996. She started her career as a neuroscientist and then transitioned into teaching high school. Her work now as author of the blog, “Mojo Mom,” centers on parenting, child safety, politics and culture, and she has appeared on ABC NewsThe CBS Early Show, and NBC’s Today Show and she has also authored several books.

“Through my work as Mojo Mom and encouraging other women to step into leadership roles, I have become more involved in the community and involved in supporting lots of different organizations, from environmental rights, to women’s rights, to helping other people run for office. I just decided now is a great opportunity to take that step myself.”

Tiemann said she has a good relationship with Kinnaird and respects the work she has done during her political career.

“I admire her greatly, and I did take to heart the idea that she wanted qualified women to succeed her,” Tiemann said.

One of the deciding factors for Tiemann to seek appointment, she explained, was that District 23 now encompasses Chatham County, where show owns her business. As a resident of Orange County, she said she would represent both counties well.