CHAPEL HILL – North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory’s approval ratings continue to improve after hitting a low point in September. A new Public Policy Poll shows that 42 percent of voters approve of the job he’s doing compared to 47 percent who disapprove, a significant change from three months ago.

Tom Jensen, Director of Public Policy Polling, says that only 35 percent of voters approved of the work McCrory was doing in September.

“I think that the reason his numbers have gotten better is simply the Legislature being home and the State government being less in the spotlight,” Jensen says. “We really saw that as Governor McCrory was signing a lot of unpopular bills over the course of the summer. That was when his numbers really started going down.”

Jensen explains that the State Legislature remains unpopular even while out of session. Only 20 percent of voters approve of the job it’s doing to the 53 percent disapprove. He adds that there’s dissatisfaction directed toward the Democrats in the Legislature as well.

The Democrats are unpopular with only a 35 percent favorability rating, and the Republicans trail with only 34 percent of voters approving.

“When we ask people how they would vote if there were a legislative election today, the Democrats only lead 45 to 43 [percent], and that probably wouldn’t be a big enough advantage to pick up very many seats this fall. ”

The poll also finds that 28 percent of voters think those who were arrested during this summer’s Moral Monday protests in Raleigh should be prosecuted compared to 54 percent who think the charges should be dropped.

“We have found ever since the summer that the Moral Monday protesters continue to be popular with voters across the state,” Jensen says. “I think that folks appreciate folks standing up to the Legislature that was so unpopular.”

To view the full results of Public Policy’s poll, click here.