WAKE COUNTY – “The Orange County Five’s” trial date for their arrests during a Moral Monday protest last summer in Raleigh, which was scheduled for Wednesday morning, has been postponed.

Former Mayor of Carrboro Mark Chilton, Carrboro Alderpersons Damon Seils, Michelle Johnson and Sammy Slade, and Chapel Hill Town Council member Donna Bell were slated to appear in a Wake County court, but an on-going, separate trial of a group of Moral Monday protesters pushed their trial back.

A new date for the OC Five will be set on February 18th, their lawyer, Mark Dorosin, confirmed.

The group of elected officials were arrested on June 3, 2013, during the event called “Mega Moral Monday.”

Dorosin, who is also an Orange County Commissioner and civil rights attorney, told WCHL News Tuesday evening that they were prepared to testify, but that he would move for a dismissal of all charges against them.

More than 900 protesters were arrested at the state capital during the weekly summer demonstrations against the policies of the North Carolina General Assembly, charged with crimes of trespassing, failure to disperse, and holding signs inside the capital building, which is prohibited.

The verdicts issued against the Moral Monday protesters who have already been tried have ranged from guilty, to acquittals, to plea deals.