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NC Democrats Face Intraparty Dispute With Voller

NC Democrats Face Intraparty Dispute With Voller

RALEIGH – Some North Carolina Democratic Party members have filed an internal complaint against new Chairman Randy Voller, saying he exceeded his authority by dismissing the executive director and creating new positions.

Four current or former party leaders have complained to a panel that handles intraparty disagreements. They want the Council of Review to remove Voller from his second post as interim executive director and reverse some of his actions.

A letter signed by party executive committee member John Burns of Raleigh says the complaint is not filed because of ill will for Voller, who was elected chairman in February. Burns says the group wants to enforce and clarify party rules and responsibilities.

Voller says he’s done nothing wrong and is in the interim post until a permanent executive director is hired.

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  1. heather stewart

    The YD’s who opposed the interim ED’s dismissal have never accepted Mayor Voller’s win over their candidate in the Feb 2 election for NCDP Party Chair.They continue an agenda of lies and character assassination, and obstruct his authority, clearly stated in Party Procedure, to fire the interim ED, and hire his own ED, selected 4/30/13, who will take over very soon.

    It should be noted that the fired ED was allied with this group of media consultants and PR ‘experts’ who continue to manipulate the narrative and poison the air around the chair with distorted truth and outright lies.These few rejected the clear democratic result of the Feb 2 win to office by Voller, and the 4/28/13 vote by the Executive Council to approve his decision. They lost 2 democratic Democratic Party votes, but refuse to accept the results.

    These Young Dems have yet to learn that losing elections is just a hard part of democracy to be accepted, and then address it in the next campaign, not through a failed extra-procedural coup and continuing tantrums. This petition is part of that tantrum, they don’t have a case here. One must ask, what are they trying to accomplish here?

    NCDP Procedure is secure.


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