In the latest Civitas Institute Poll, Governor Pat McCrory and Democratic opponent state Attorney General Roy Cooper are neck-and-neck for the 2016 N.C. Governor’s election.

When 600 registered voting North Carolinians were asked who they would vote for if the gubernatorial elections were to be held today, 44 percent selected McCrory, 43 percent casted their vote on Cooper.

“Roy Cooper is a well known figure,” said Civitas Institute president Francis De Luca. “In terms of possible negatives, he probably has a lot less than Governor McCrory.”

De Luca attributes Cooper’s favorability to McCrory’s recent hits in the media during the session of the General Assembly. McCrory still clinches the one point lead, and De Luca also says he is surprised to see the numbers so close.

This month’s poll also shows the closing gap between Governor McCrory’s approval and disapproval percentages, with a 48-47 lead of voters approving of his job in the N.C. General Assembly, compared to April’s numbers showing 50-44 approving.

This is the first poll of this N.C. Governor’s election race done by the Civitas Institute.