A last report was released today by the UNC Campus Security Initiative which provided an in-depth review and recommendations for improving safety and security for all University of North Carolina campuses.

This analysis by Initiative demonstrates what the UNC campuses do well, what the law requires, and how the University can do to improve security measures amidst a time of uncertainty.

The UNC Campus Security Initiative has encountered 26 findings and 36 recommendations in order to aid in collaboration efforts and the sharing of resources, along with many other opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to work together to make a safer UNC.

The office of Governor Pat McCrory worked alongside the Initiative to reduce the dangers alcohol and substance abuse, and many of the UNC campuses will work on this further for their program, which is focused on treatment and prevention.

The crime rate on each of the UNC campuses is still significantly under the statewide average, but the Initiative says that they will continue to “build on existing efforts with better coordination, clearer policies, and the best resources available.”

To see the full UNC Campus Security Initiative report, click here.