In the weeks ahead, the Timberlyne Neighborhood Association plans to discuss the construction of an additional light on a section of Butternut Street, from Pitch Pine to Black Cherry, in order to eliminate the risk of any more suspicious and potentially dangerous activities in the area.

A member of the neighborhood association, Stacey Wooden, reported that she had experienced harassment from a driver whilst walking her dog on the night of May 11th. She says that the car came to a stop in front of her and flashed her lights, which caused her to return to a better lit area of the neighborhood. The vehicle then began to follow her.

Despite her many attempts to avoid the vehicle, it continued to pursue Wooden down several streets her until she managed to escape by passing through her neighbor’s shrubbery and into her own yard. She immediately contacted the police, who sent out a patrol car to keep watch.

Wooden describes the vehicle as a 4-door Honda sedan, gold/taupe in color, with a Caucasian driver with blonde/white hair.

There have also been recent reports of an alarm being set off and a stolen car on Wednesday, May 28th.

The Timberlyne Neighborhood Association Board warns residents to continue to be on vigilant lookout for any further suspicious activity as they coordinate their efforts into making the neighborhood safer for everyone.