CHAPEL HILL – Veterans of all ages will be honored today in ceremonies throughout the United States for their military service to the country.  One of those ceremonies will be held Monday morning at 11:11 am on the campus of UNC.

Cliff Swanson is a Cadet Captain with the UNC Army ROTC Program.  He says the event site is the Carolina Alumni Memorial on Cameron Avenue near Memorial Hall.  He says it is very important to remember all veterans.

“It really means a lot to those who have served, and it’s really important for us to remember the sacrifices that they’ve made so that we can honor them with respect and give them all that’s necessary,” Cadet Captain Swanson says.

Veterans in attendance at today’s ceremony will be recognized as the conflict in which they served is named.

Cadet Captain Swanson says he is glad UNC is involved in Monday’s remembrance.

“I think it’s important for us to always honor our veterans every year,” Cadet Captain Swanson says. “I do think UNC is reaching out with all the Military Appreciation Day stuff for football and basketball as well recognizing the cadets on the field. So, I think that’s a really good step to where we’re headed.”

The speaker for Monday’s Veterans Day Ceremony is Brigadier General John Hort, a UNC alumnus.