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Roger Stancil Responds To Allegations Of Financial Mismanagement

Roger Stancil Responds To Allegations Of Financial Mismanagement

Chapel Hill Town Manager Roger Stancil responded to a petition, which claims he mismanages town funds, saying he’s proud of the “consistent and transparent reporting of budget matters”.

Chapel Hill resident Tom Henkel delivered the petition to the Town Council last Monday asking the Council to review what he calls “apparent fiscal mismanagement” by Stancil and town staffers.

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roger_stancil_townStancil said financial updates are given to the public and Council periodically throughout the year and are always available through the Town’s website.

Town of Chapel Hill Budget

Henkel says he’s seen a pattern of over-reliance on outside consultants and a failure to rein in costs for their services. He cites the Central West Small Area planning process as a recent example.

However, Stancil said annual independent audits show the continued commitment to proper financial management.

He said in an email to Town staff Thursday afternoon that he decided to respond quickly with email rather than wait for Monday night’s council meeting because of the severity of the petition’s allegations.

Letter from Town Manager Roger Stancil

I am providing you with information related to the petition you received on Monday night now instead of at an upcoming Council meeting because of the seriousness of the petition’s allegations. I believe this information offers necessary clarification and context to each of the points in the petition.

I am proud of the Town of Chapel Hill’s financial management and our consistent and transparent reporting of budget matters. The Council and public receive regular financial updates throughout the year, all of which are posted on our website at Fiscal notes are regularly communicated on all Council business actions, so that the financial implications of our actions are clear and shared openly with the public.

Additionally, the following indicates the quality of the Town’s financial management:
· In every year since I have been the Town Manager, we have received independent audits with unqualified opinions. In fact, the Town has received such audits every year as far as our records go back.
· We have received recognition for our budget every year since July 1, 1996 (18 years) through the Government Finance Officers Association (GOFA). We have also received the Award for our Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) Every year since the year ended June 30 1985 (29 years)
· We have a triple A (highest awarded) for our General Obligation Debt from Moody’s and Standard & Poors (since 2007-2008) – S&P upgraded our rating that year from AA+

Please let me know if you have questions about any of the information provided.

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