EVERYWHERE – After weeks and months of anticipation, Christmas is finally upon us! How are you spending your holiday? What are your favorite traditions?

We got the chance to talk with Chapel Hill Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt and Carrboro Mayor Lydia Lavelle about their Christmas traditions. Listen below to what they had to say.


(The background track, by the way, is Kenny G’s “Winter Wonderland”–which is Aaron Keck’s family’s Christmas morning tradition.)

Of course we always love creating new traditions as well as celebrating the old. Chapelboro’s Akiva Fox wrote a new, locally-inspired version of the classic “Night Before Christmas”–which you can read for yourself below (or listen to Aaron Keck’s dramatic reading thereof).


Twas the Night before Christmas, and all through the town
Not a student was stirring – they’d turned in their gowns.
The locals emerged from their autumn sequester,
Rejoicing the end of another semester.

They could have stayed home by a warm, cozy fire,
But Mama Dip beckoned, bent over the fryer.
And she fried green tomatoes, and chicken, and fish
Then waited until they had each cleaned their dish.

And up in the Dean Dome, why, what was that racket?
That hollering man in blue tie and checked jacket?
He cried out, “Doggone it!” “Dadgum!” and “Hoo boy!”
We knew in a moment it must be Ol’ Roy.

In the field house the jerseys were hung up with care –
The once-lowly Tar Heels had gone on a tear!
Now powder-blue-clad Carolinians clamor
To hang in the rafters a seventh white banner.

The foodies were shopping, and filling their carts
With broccoli, gouda, and fresh pies and tarts,
A bundle of kale (organic of course)
From Weaver Street Market, and locally-sourced.

From Lantern they bought the smoked chicken and rice,
And Vimala’s dosas were worth twice the price.
They thought about buying a bowl full of jelly,
But opted for Mediterranean Deli.

The Belk Bowl was coming, that wonderful game.
Coach Larry called out to his players by name:
“Now, Ebron! Now, Switzer! Now, Boston! Now, Martin!
On, Quinshad! On, Williams! Let’s leave Bearcats smartin’.”

From the WCHL family to you
In Chapel Hill, Carrboro – Hillsborough too!
From all of our hearts, to our friends far and near:
“Go Tar Heels to all, and to all a good year.”

From ours to yours: happy holidays and Merry Christmas.