At its June 27 meeting, the Carrboro Board of Aldermen finalized development plans for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park located on 1120 Hillsborough Road.

The development plans from Stewart Inc. include an amphitheater, a natural playground, a pump track for bicyclists, a half mile walking path surrounding the park, new picnic shelters, and expansion of the community garden.

“Once we get this approval we can go ahead and finish the drawings, and resubmit them for permit drawings, go ahead and get our site permit with the town,” said a spokesperson for Stewart Inc.

During a public hearing, residents voiced their concerns over park developments, including having separate or connected bike pump tracks, clearer signs at park entrances, rain water collection and community garden storage space and fencing.

“I reiterate how excited I am that we are making this positive impact for the next generation, and maybe the folks who are a little older than me as well,” said Carrboro resident Julie Foster. “But the kids are what excites me – that we have so many options for the little ones.”

During the meeting the board agreed unanimously for the new bike track to have two separate paths next to each other, one for beginners and one for intermediate riders.

These developments will be low-impact to the land, such as naturally permeable path materials for rain runoff and playground features made of natural materials such as wood.

The public hearing and approval concludes the development plans and grants the Town Manager the authority to award the construction contract, which is expected to fit within the town budget of $1.2 million.

Plans for expanding the park have been in the works for over 10 years.

For more information visit the town’s website.