HILLSBOROUGH- The Orange County Sheriff’s Office wants your help investigating an international theft that led to a local arrest.

Investigator Mike Davis says it all started when the Sheriff’s Office got a call from Canada.

“We were called from the Ontario Provincial Police in Canada about some stolen items possibly being in this area,” says Davis. “They had located items similar to the ones stolen on eBay and attempted to contact the seller to let them know they were stolen.”

According to the owner of Park Lane Stables in Ontario, 12 teenage girls reported their horse saddles and tack stolen. The equipment, which was valued at $60,000, then showed up for sale on eBay.

Local police were able to track the stolen goods to a building in Alamance County and issued a warrant for the arrest of an Efland man, Ronald Dewey Nixon Jr, of 2813 Lebanon Road. He was taken into custody earlier this week on charges of felony possession of stolen property and is being held in the Orange County Jail on a $75,000 bond.

However, investigators still have questions about this case that need to be answered.

“We’re still looking into some other aspects as to how they got stolen and how they got across the border,” says Davis.

If you have any information, contact Deputy Mike Davis at 919-245-2900.

Ronald Nixon Jr.

Ronald Nixon Jr.