A Durham man who recently pleaded guilty to a 2011 murder in Chapel Hill has been sentenced to between 30 and 37 years in prison.

Twenty-nine-year-old Mario Dante Ramsey entered the plea in Orange County Superior Court on May 16.

He was charged with second-degree murder and armed robbery in the fatal shooting of 41-year-old Drew Chrisropher Frasure, at the victim’s Ashley Forest Drive apartment on December 11, 2011.

Investigators determined that Ramsey was carrying a .40-caliber handgun when he went to Frasure’s apartment to sell him drugs, just after midnight.

Chapel Hill News reports that, according to prosecutors, Ramsey’s true intention was to demand $50 he felt he was owed from a previous transaction.

A struggle ensued between the men, and ended with Frasure getting shot in the throat.

Ramsey fled the scene with two other men and a woman who had waited outside in a vehicle. Those three witnesses cooperated with investigators, and none of them were charged.