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Aaron Nelson Discusses Business Impact of House Bill 2

Aaron Nelson Discusses Business Impact of House Bill 2

The Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of Commerce not only helps the business community, but the community in general.

Aaron Nelson, President and CEO of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of Commerce, discussed House Bill 2 with WCHL’s Ron Stutts Thursday morning.  Nelson originally was scheduled to appear to discuss the chamber’s upcoming State of the Community report.

After discussing that report, Ron Stutts and Aaron Nelson addressed the controversial bill that overturned Charlotte’s recent anti-discrimination ordinance.  Nelson said, “So many days I wake up so proud of North Carolina and so proud of our community.  Yesterday was not one of them.”

Nelson continued:

“To prohibit local government from adopting anti-discrimination laws is unconscionable.  It’s unacceptable…If you come by our office, you can use whatever bathroom you want…It’s not just a community issue.  It’s a business issue.”

Statements from prominent businesses such as Red Hat and Dow Chemical have poured in since the passage of House Bill 2.

Listen to the full conversation with Ron Stutts and Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Aaron Nelson.


  1. Mary may

    Aaron, I’m so proud of you and your accomplishments. Just wish I lived closer so I could hug you too. Blessings to you my dear. Thank you for all you contribute.

  2. Brian

    Well said, Aaron! Unconscionable.

    A friend of mine is the track coach at Rochester Institute of Technology. He has a runner on the team who is st the top of her class in Mechanical Engineering. This student has an offer from a NC company and will probably turn the offer down as a result of This backwards and discriminatory legislation.


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