The Homestead Aquatic Center in Chapel Hill will close indefinitely on January 17 due to a suspected leak in water lines that may have been present since last November.

The leak was suspected by staff members at the facility when a spike in water consumption led to a request for the Orange Water and Sewer Authority to conduct a meter inspection.

When OWASA concluded that all meters at the facility were functioning correctly, divers from Aquatic Resource Group in Charlotte were hired to inspect the surface area of each pool for cracks.

No cracks were detected, which led the Chapel Hill Public Works Department to conclude that a pressure test of pipes under the facility is necessary to pinpoint the location of the leak.

According to Roger Stancil, the town manager of Chapel Hill, this will entail “draining the pools, pressurizing the systems, locating the leak, fixing the leak, […] and stabilizing the water” in the facility.

Stancil submitted an email to the Chapel Hill Town Council on Thursday regarding the scope of work to be completed at the facility as well as interim arrangements for facility patrons.

In the email, Stancil states that “we don’t know at this time how long the facility will be closed,” but “all three high school swim teams [that used the facility] will be able to practice at the Chapel Hill Community Center.”

The Orange County SportsPlex and Chapel Hill-Carrboro YMCA will honor any passes from patrons of the facility during its closure and charge equivalent daily rates for swimmers.