CHAPEL HILL –  If you want some love this weekend check out the Ackland Art Museum. The exhibit, More Love: Art, Politics, and Sharing since the 1990s, is open right now through March 31st.

“With love, as a theme, as a method, as a strategy to create objects and interactions and participatory events for our audiences,” Amanda Hughes of Ackland Art Museum says.

She explains the exhibit explores the idea of love through elaborate crafts, sound environments, and interactive projects.

 “When you try to talk about love in serious settings people kind of roll their eyes and say ‘they’re about to get all touchy-feely’ when in fact there’s a long historical discourse on the importance of love,” Hughes says.

Hughes says it’s a “thinking show” of the universal emotion. More Love features 48 works of art by 33 contemporary artists including Yoko Ono.

“Come and demonstrate your love, have your picture taken, be apart of the exhibition,” Hughes says. “Your photograph will go up on the wall and then eventually go into Yoko Ono’s archives. There are lots of ways for people to get engaged.”