The 2017 WCHL Healthiest You Challenge, presented by UNC Health Care, is here!

For 8 weeks 64 contestants are working in teams to become the healthiest people they can be, all while enjoying all of the amenities of the beautiful UNC Wellness Centers at Meadowmont and Cary!


On Wednesday, March 8th, Kevin Minogue, one of the coaches of the Aesthetic Solutions team (pictured above), stopped by WCHL to talk to Aaron Keck about how week one has been going:

The Challengers on the Aesthetic Solutions Team are from all over the country, including Chicago, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Florida, Kentucky, Wilkesboro, and of course, Chapel Hill!

They were inspired to take the Healthiest You Challenge for a number of reasons.   Some challengers were seeking a personal journey to a healthier body and mind.  One challenger says, “I want to be more toned and in better shape overall.”  Another team member writes that her goal is, “to counter my sedentary life while I still have a muscle or two.”

Other challengers on this team were motivated in part by other people.  One person shares that her inspiration is,”My grandson. I want to be able to play with and be there for him.”  The awe-inspiring power of Serena Williams called another person to accept challenge.

And finally, one participant shares that she wants to get ready for her birthday, which is coming up in June.

When these challengers get a chance to get outside they love rollerblading and hiking with family and dogs, and walking on the beach or in nature.


Be sure to check out the great photos we got from our live kick-off show on March 1st, 2017!  And thanks to the TapSnap Photo Booth for the opportunity to take some shots with extra pizzazz!

Pictured above is the UNC Health Care Team at the kick-off with their coaches Susan Chesser and Hayley Prudente.  Susan came in to WCHL to talk to Ron Stutts on the morning of the kick-off and tell everyone about the challenge starting:

You can also hear our live broadcast of the Kick-off Show at the UNC Wellness Center at Meadowmont on March 1st:


During the challenge participants are:

  • Getting an 8-week membership to use the UNC Wellness Centers facilities.
  • Assigned to a team of 8 challengers led by a coach and an assistant coach.
  • Getting the opportunity to learn more about good exercise and eating habits, planning meals, reading labels, intuitive eating, and why sleep is so important to our health.
  • Accumulating points individually for meeting goals throughout the 8 weeks.  Overall health goals include reducing weight and size, as well as decreasing cholesterol, and systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

The male and female challengers that achieve the greatest number of points will both win a free one-year membership to the UNC Wellness Centers!

Oh, and did we mention that challengers have fun and make friends too?!

In order to be eligible to win the challenge, attendance at the following is required:

  • Information Session: Wednesday, February 22nd from 6:00-7:30 pm
  • Kick-Off Show: Wednesday, March 1st from 6:00-7:30 pm
  • Pre-Assessment Test: (Must attend ONE)  Thursday, March 2nd from 6:30-8:30 am OR Saturday, March 4th from 7:30-11:00 am
  • Post-Assessment Test: (Must attend ONE) Thursday, May 4th from 6:30-8:30 am OR Saturday, May 6th from 7:30-11:00 am
  • Finale Show: Monday, May 8th from 6:00-7:30 pm

Thanks to Our Team Sponsors!