2016 Healthiest You Challenge

healthiest you

WCHL and Chapelboro, along with UNC Health Care and UNC Wellness Centers, will help 64 challengers on their journey to an active and healthy lifestyle.

Healthiest You

The Healthiest You Challenge 2015 Winners!


Participants will receive a free six-week membership at UNC Wellness Centers, along with group coaching, progress monitoring, and access to health education programs.

At the end of the challenge, the 1st place male and female participants will each win a one-year membership to UNC Wellness Centers!

To hear more about why you should sign up, check out Aaron Keck’s interview with Jamy McGee, Health Education Director for UNC Wellness Centers:

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How it Works:

   •  Registration will be open from January 14 until February 12

   •  We will randomly select 64 people to participate in the six week program

   •  The 64 participants will be broken into eight teams of eight

   •  Each team will be assigned a Coach and an Assistant Coach from the UNC Wellness Centers

   •  Each participant will receive a free membership to the UNC Wellness Centers for a six week period – and will work with their assigned coaches to learn and implement new strategies for becoming a Healthier You

   •  Each participant will have the opportunity to earn points for activities such as attending workshops, team work out sessions and trying new activities

   •  At the end of six weeks, the two individuals that have accumulated the most points will each win a one-year membership to the UNC Wellness Centers

How to earn points:

   •  2 points for every 0.5 inch circumference decrease

   •  1 point for every 0.5 pounds lost

   •  1 point for every 5 points of systolic blood pressure decrease

   •  1 point for every 1 point of diastolic blood pressure decrease

   •  5 points for attending weekly Team weigh-in and workout

   •  2 points for every Fitness Clinic attended (Max 2 points per week)

   •  2 points for working out with a buddy (Max 14 points per week)

   •  1 point per day for logging food onto www.myfitnesspal.com or on daily log sheet

   •  1 point per day for logging exercise onto www.myfitnesspal.com or daily log

   •  10 points for attending each of the Health Education classes

       Fitness 101

       Nutrition 101

       Meal Planning and Label Reading

      Intuitive Eating

      The Power of Walking

    •  20 points for 100% completed Healthiest You Challenge Bingo Card


Challenge Timeline

Participant Information session: February 24 ( 6-7 pm)

Pre-Assessments: February 28 (1-5pm) or

     February 29 (6-8pm)

Kick-off: Tuesday, March 1

First Day of the Challenge: Tuesday, March 1

Week 1: March 1- March 7

Week 2: March 8 – March 14

Week 3: March 15 – March 21

Week 4:  March 22 to March 28

Week 5:  March 29 to April 4

Week 6: April 5 to April 11

Last Day of the Challenge: Monday, April 11

Post-Assessments: April 13 (6-8pm) or April 16 (8-11am)

Finale: Wednesday, April 20

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