A petition is circulating asking administrators at East Chapel Hill High School to respond to homophobic graffiti being spray painted on the school last month.

More than 400 people have added their named to a petition asking East Chapel Hill principal Eileen Tully to take three actions in responding to profanity-laced homophobic slurs spray painted on East Chapel Hill High School on September 26.

The graffiti was spray painted on a building adjacent to a parking lot where members of the school’s Queer Straight Alliance were meeting up to carpool to the NC Pride Parade in Durham.

The open letter to Principal Tully asks her to “send a message to parents and staff letting them know that these kinds of actions are not permitted at our school.”

The letter also requests that Tully conduct an extensive investigation to identify those “who took part in this act of hate and to take the subsequent actions that are necessary.”

Finally, the letter asks Tully to call for a student assembly to let students know that “East is a safe place for everyone and that the school administration will take the necessary actions to maintain a safe environment for all.”

Linnea Van Manen, a junior at East Chapel Hill and president of the Queer Straight Alliance, told WCHL via e-mail that several school board members have committed to attending the next QSA meeting at East Chapel Hill.

Posts on social media say that Tully is also scheduled to meet with Van Manen this week.

The letter calls for Tully to act before the end of October or the group will ask the Lincoln Center to take direct action.