Carrboro Police have once again used naloxone to reverse a drug overdose.

Police say officers were called to a reported heroin overdose just before 10 o’clock Friday night where authorities found an “unconscious subject.”

A release says an officer then administered naloxone, which allowed the patient to regain consciousness, according to police. The subject then walked to a waiting ambulance for continued treatment.

This is the fourth time Carrboro Police have used the life-saving drug to reverse an overdose. The first reversal was in January 2015.

Orange County was honored in late 2015 for the Naloxone Project, which was pushed forward through work from the Orange County Health Department.

Police continue to asked that you call 911 if you suspect someone is in an overdose state and remain with the individual until assistance arrives. Carrboro Police Captain Chris Atack says the priority for officers in those situations in public health and not bringing charges related to the illegal drugs possibly being used.