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April 11th – Wanting to Win AND Lose!

“If there was one game you could win every time, and one game you had to lose every time, what two games would you pick?” (with special guest, Barbara Jessie Black, Executive Director of PTA Thrift Shop.) Click to Listen!

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April 4th – Grandma’s Lemonade

“How would life be different if grandmothers ran the world?” (with special guests, Pat Richardson, Debby Stroman and Chela Tu participating in the Lemons For Leukemia Challenge live during KidsQ. Click to Listen!

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March 28th – Change Those Colors

“If you had the superpower to change the color of things, e.g. the grass or the sky, what would you change?” (With Special Guest, PTA Thrift Shop Board Member, Margot Lester!) {Click to Listen}

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