Monday Morning Quarterback

We've Got Our Coach!

Within 24 hours of going 8-4 in his inaugural season at the helm of UNC Football, Larry Fedora found himself the second longest tenured “major college” football coach in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area.  Only Duke’s David...

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The 'Comparables'

In the eternally wacky down-the-rabbit-hole world of sports rivalries, no school’s fan base will EVER acknowledge than any other school, or its pathetic loser fan base, could be comparable to “us”.  But, yea verily, if there was...

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Pinball? 50 Is The 'New 30'

Was it a coincidence?   The Who performed Friday night in Greensboro . . .  and “pinball wizards” performed in Kenan on Saturday afternoon?  The football opera was co-orchestrated not by Pete Townsend and Roger Daltrey but by...

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Move Over, Choo Choo!

Outlined against a blue-gray October sky…. a courageous young stallion, in a chrome helmet, galloped into history amid Kenan’s lofty pines.  Outlined against a blue-gray October sky…” is the opening to Grantland...

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Fans 'Freak' Over Loss

The better team on Saturday night at “The Wally” won on Saturday night.  That’s how it often works but not always.   To say that the game was not as close as the final score (33-30) would be correct but is simply too painful to...

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The Old Golden Well?

Followers of Carolina Athletics might be excused for being somewhat distracted over recent months.  A lingering unpleasantness has hung like an Arctic Winter over Franklin Street broken only by a darn fine Fall showing by The...

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Uniformly Agreed — We Like 'Em!

I was in mid-matriculation when Carolina Football went from white helmets to various PMS-shades of blue helmets.  I bet you don’t know the “why” they did.  I bet not even Freddie Kiger knows this one!   Bill Dooley replaced Jim...

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What Price Dignity?

  You know $800,000 will buy a bunch of stuff that a college athletic department needs.  It can pay salaries, mowers to cut grass, light bulbs in gyms, paper clips and computer keyboards; but can it assuage the psychological gut...

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