Historic Walk to Kenan Stadium

85 And Counting

I love it when history plays a trump card.  One’s been played Saturday when the Heels host the ACC-departing Maryland Terrapins.  It’s November 24th and that makes this date the 85th to-the-day anniversary of the Dedication Game...

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Franklin Street Of Sighs

This week a topic for Homecoming.  I started thinking about it last Sunday morning.  It was quiet downtown—a good time for reflection.  Alone, I shuffled past storefronts and took a perch on the wall that separates town and...

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Heel, Ram, Gym, Java

  OK, for our game against football arch-rival NC State, stories about a Heel, a ram, a gym and java.  First, the timeless question, “What’s a Tar Heel?” Well, there are several versions but, for the one I’ve heard most, let’s...

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More Than An Old Well Walk

Today, we’re going to accessorize the Old Well Walk.  Many of you may gather Saturday morning to watch UNC players and coaches lumber from the Old Well to Kenan Stadium.  Well, as they go to perhaps make history, they’re wading...

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Story Of Manning Drive

  For this home game against Idaho, no arboretum and no water tower tale but something like it.  We’re going to spin the story of something I bet a bunch of you make use of Saturday.  Some of you may use it on the way in.  Some...

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A 'Towering' Story!

Well, for this home game, I’ve got a story about a landmark that many of you use to tell people how to find your tailgate.  It’s on the South Side of the stadium and it’s not Memorial Hospital, the UNC Infirmary or Morrison...

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Swinging Through The Arb'

For this season of Carolina Football, my route has changed.  For 26 years, I strolled down Pritchard Avenue, cut across Rosemary, Franklin, Columbia and Cameron Streets then coursed my way past Memorial Hall, through Polk Place,...

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