Taking Inventory

Do You Have A Base In Cyberspace?

Often the first thing people do is look you up online. So if you don’t have a website, odds are they will search for someone else. I might have gone somewhere other than Cynthia’s Tailor Shop if I wasn’t in...

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Pay. Attention.

The beauty of understanding our losses is that you can begin to think about doing the opposite of what you are doing if what you are doing is not working. An issue:   Client: “I have a handful of clothes I’ve altered for...

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The Viral Spread

I spent the night in Baltimore yesterday at the Radisson Hotel. It is a historic landmark in our country, and deservingly so. Its cathedral-like ceilings and brass signs remind me of the anti-smoking status quo in the early...

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As Ubiquitous as the Common Toaster

There’s an amazing story about a biologist who created a FDA-approved custom-built heating device to kill lice. According to his company’s regional manager, he spent years in the passionate pursuit of understanding how birds are...

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Reptile in Need of a Nutritionist?

Our pet lizard, Cricket, is about as thin as a toothpick,even though he eats approximately 20 live crickets a week. We just can’t figure out why he’s not getting bigger. So an associate for a pet retail store told me...

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The Business of Naming

the business of naming It takes a long time to come up with a name you think is relevant to your idea. Then a mere 30 seconds you find out online that your domain name is not available. It happens every time. So what can you do?...

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Itching to Make…Cents

Last week’s assignment was to create a pro forma budget. It is an “operating annual budget,” John Wyman tells us in class. If you don’t know what an operating annual budget is, it’s a list of numbers. To put it...

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Winging It or Planning?

My Fast Entrepreneur instructor and SCORE mentor, John Wyman, suggested this topic the other day for the blog,”……why do so many small businesses fail?” He gave us a list to read before our class next week. If I ran this list by...

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