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Very few of us will ever get to prove our strength of character on a public stage. We may make...

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Consumer Rights – Your $$ Update

When last I wrote, I shared my tale of customer service woe about a e-tailer’s gift certificate that somehow couldn’t be used in conjunction with a discount.  The long version is here.  The short version is that I went to...

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Does a Gift Certificate =$$?

A friend from out of town gave me a gift certificate for an e-tailer dedicated to one of my passions: shoes!  I received the gift a few months ago but our recent cold weather had me hungering for boots so I visited the site to...

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Talking Turkey

Turkey seems to be at a crossroads.  No, this isn’t a joke about how it gets to the other side to be with the chicken.   Turkey breast, turkey meatballs, meatloaf, turkey burgers and more all seem to have found a place in...

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The Color Purple

Estimates of the total spent on the election we all just survived hover around $6 billion.  No, that “B” is not a typo.   How many transit systems could be modernized with that money?  How many more cancer research studies could...

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Happy to take my $$

I am the least sustainable person in any kitchen in the Chapelboro area.  How can I assert that claim?  Because I am always running out of something and have to stop somewhere to get it.  For instance, despite loading up on...

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Thompson's Exit

The saga of teacher Anne Thompson is coming to an end.  She will be leaving Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools in a few weeks, several months shy of her planned retirement.   If you’ve followed her saga, you know Thompson is not...

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The Luxury of Disagreement

I have written derisively of using town dollars to defend a hands-free cell phone ban (when the town was even on notice it wouldn’t hold up in court).  The notion that it can be handled by attorneys already paid by the town made...

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