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Post-election Orange County Needs You

The dust is beginning to settle after the election. It was a time where national and state races took precedence over local issues, except for the transit tax referendum. Unfortunately, many local issues were not debated or...

High Time for Some Transition

If money were no object, I’d be hard-pressed to oppose a mass transit system on any of the major thoroughfares around here. But in these days of misplaced priorities, there’s not much money left after the corporate welfare kings...

Local Economic Health Equals Authentic Local Business Support

It’s no surprise that these challenging times for funding local government have caused many progressive leaders to change their mind about the type of economic development that we want in Orange County. Over the last decade,...

I'm Taking Bets on the County Commissioner Election

It’s another fall election season, and the Commissioner election is not only irrelevant, but a huge number of voters won’t even know who is running until they go to the polls. I’ve been waiting for the first winner of the...


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Is Resiliency an Economic Priority?

A few weeks ago, I was in Iowa and South Dakota and saw first-hand the fields of stunted, parched corn that are the result of the worst U.S. drought in 56 years. Sioux Falls had .01 inches of rain in July. It was on everyone’s...

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