Kids Shine

Smith Math Whizzes Rock State

Can you imagine having your school day come to an end and then rushing off, happily, to Math Club so you can do even more math (and don’t forget that there is still your math homework to do)? Well, this may be difficult for many...

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State Jazz Band Honors

Mia Morrell and Avery Logan of Culbreth Middle School have been selected for the North Carolina Honors Jazz Band. Avery was selected as the band’s sole drummer, and Mia will play first chair alto saxophone. Mia also was...

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Smith Middle School Math Team Wins!

On Saturday, February 11, 2012, at Athens Drive HS in Raleigh, the Smith Middle School MathCounts Team won their MathCounts Chapter Competition coming in 1st out of 28 teams.  MathCounts is the most prestigious national middle...

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